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Uber UX Project

This project is in pre-alpha phase. Please contact me to learn and see more. 

2016 - 2017
Production Artist & QA Tester

I had been hired to work on a high-profile project that Uber Technologies - Maps, had just started working on. I was one of the production artists working on the project from the beginning phases. My designs were put in front of several high level executive teams and had positive responses, escalating the project to higher priority, and gain approval to work on mapping several cities. Over the past year, of working on this project, I have:

  • Formalized and conducted test cases for internal tools
  • Co-developed product strategy
  • Produced graphics and assets that will be the foundation of the display of cities
  • Assisted in developing and refining the overall content creation and workflow
  • Collaborated constantly with a varied team consisting of: GIS Analyst, developers, programmers, project managers, QA, and fellow production artists.

As a side project for school and work, I proposed a feature request - "Suggestions for POI (Places of Interest)" and "GPS-Lock Location" to ensure driver can still locate a customer, even if the phone is inactive. These were great suggestions but several concepts were in development by the time my request was submitted. After several months later, you now have the updated Uber App that suggest recommendations and built-in Uber Eats. 

First step was to research the target market and create a Primary Persona -- By definition, each primary persona requires their own user interface in a particular application.

Next step was to create a series of storyboard cases. This is the one that stood out as it shows a visual timeline of events from start to end.

Once the concept is finalized, it's time to create a mockup. The wireframe of the Uber app illustrates how each interaction will relate.

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